Best Free WordPress Hosting Providers

To start using WordPress to build your website, you need to buy web hosting that support PHP and MySQL. WordPress Hosting is usually the first thing you pay money for while building your online business. Though, some new WordPress users want to start their website without spending money and those must use Free WordPress Hosting or install WordPress on Localhost.

Why you shouldn’t use Free WordPress Hosting?
People always love FREE things, but if you are building a serious online business you must avoid free WordPress hosting. There are many reasons why WordPress free hosting is not good for online business or blogs. Those reasons include:

Limited Hosting resources.
Annoying advertisements.
No customer support.
Low Website security.
No backup options.
Unprofessional website domain.
Account can be suspended anytime.
… plus many other issues that make using free WordPress hosting for your online business a bad idea. Yet, there are some cases in which using WordPress free hosting may be a wise idea.

When to use Free WordPress Hosting?
In some cases, using free hosting for WordPress may be a wise choice. In case you want to start a website instantly without spending a cent you may use free WordPress hosting. Also you can use it if you don’t have any previous experience with web hosting or WordPress and want to learn more about them. Generally, if you’re not serious about your online business, you can use free WordPress hosting, otherwise you should use premium WordPress Hosting.

Below I’ve listed a collection of the best free WordPress hosting providers that you can use for free to start your WordPress site or blog for free.

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