Digital Ocean Review [Pros and Cons] – Is It The Best Choice for Your Site?

Digital Ocean Review -Pros & Cons

Start From $5

Load Speed




Customer Support


Good Reviews


Bad Reviews



  • Awesome “Average” Uptime of 99.99%
  • Fast Load Time
  • Friendly Product Ecosystem for developer
  • Daily Backup
  • Fantastic Security
  • Customizable Pricing


  • Lacks Basic Features Other Consumer Hosts Provide
  • Hard to manage features for beginner
  • Limited Customer Support
  • Pricing is Complicated

We’ve collect a lots of customer reviews form other platform like facebook, trustpilot , hosting advice etc.

Also we have previous experience with them, we will explain is DigitalOcean good choice for you?

Launching its first server in 2011, DigitalOcean is an American cloud hosting company focused on helping developers launch more apps faster and easier.

What started as a small start-up company based out of New York City has grown exponentially, reaching a customer base totaling over half a million developers.

The ultimate goal of DigitalOcean is to use a solid-state drive, or SSD, to create a user-friendly platform that will allow their wealth of clients to transfer projects to and from the cloud, ramping up production with speed and efficiency.

Digital Ocean Prices, Plans & Features – 2020

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan NameSpaceCPURAMBandwidthPriceScoreVisit
$520 GB1 core512 MB1 TB$5.007.0Details
$1030 GB1 core1 GB2 TB$10.008.2Details
$2040 GB2 cores2 GB3 TB$20.003.9Details
$4060 GB2 cores4 GB4 TB$40.002.9Details
$8080 GB4 cores8 GB5 TB$80.006.0Details
$160160 GB8 cores16 GB6 TB$160.002.0Details
$320320 GB12 cores32 GB7 TB$320.002.0Details
$480480 GB16 cores48 GB8 TB$480.003.6Details
$640640 GB20 cores64 GB9 TB$640.005.8Details
$12030 GB2 cores16 GB6 TB$120.005.8Details
$24090 GB4 cores32 GB7 TB$240.005.8Details
$480200 GB8 cores64 GB8 TB$480.005.8Details
$960340 GB16 cores128 GB9 TB$960.005.8Details
$1680500 GB32 cores224 GB10 TB$1,680.005.8Details

Digital Ocean – Trustpilot

As per trustpilot reviews, digital ocean have poor rating from their existing customers.

Digital Ocean – Facebook

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Digital Ocean – Other reviews

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